How To Save Money On Makeup

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How To Save Money On Makeup


Makeup belongs to some of the most common expenses in a woman’s life and many of us end up spending much more on it than we would like to. Still, quality is important so you shouldn’t sacrifice it. There are some ways that you can get exactly what you need without spending a lot or get the most out of the products that you have already purchased – read on to learn more about five helpful tips that can change your entire perspective.


Buy In Bulk


When it comes to buying items like shampoo and conditioner, take a moment to compare the price of different sizes before making the final decision. You will probably find that, inn most instances, you can save money over the long haul by purchasing all of your beauty items in bulk. Your makeup and beauty products will last much longer thanks to that, allowing you to get far more bang for your buck! You can also purchase more for less when you make use of Discountrue coupons that can be applied in Kohl’s and many other popular stores.


Extending The Life Of Your Signature Scent


There are few things more frustrating than realizing that your favorite perfume is starting to run low. If this is a common occurrence in your household (especially for mothers whose daughters like to “borrow” from them), fret not. You can extend the life of your favorite bottle of perfume by combining it with an unscented body wash or lotion, so that you get the most out of your scent without having to replace it on a consistent basis!


Use Less Product 


One of the most common mistakes that is made when it comes to makeup is using too much of it in one sitting. Not many women realize but you can actually get the same results by using less makeup. If you are the type of person who applies a palm full of product every time you get ready, this can cause you to spend far more money on your makeup supply than necessary, which is not only costly but also harmful to your skin. When applying product, the amount that you use should be no larger than a nickel.


Switch To Bar Soap


Some of us spend a small fortune every month on fancy body washes that do not provide any additional cleaning benefits. While some might consider using bar soap to be outdated, it is much cheaper and provides the same level of quality. As an added bonus, choosing bar soap over body washes is actually better for the environment! 


Blush Replacement


If you happen to run out of blush at a crucial moment, there are solutions to this problem that do not involve heading to the beauty supply store to shell out for more. Red and/or pink lipstick can function as a useful replacement for your usual blush when it’s eventually over. Just rub it into your cheeks and we are willing to guarantee that you will barely know the difference! This is just one of many unusual uses for usual cosmetics that can let you maximize the products you already own!



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